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Sometimes, a little bit of learning is all you need to move closer to your writing goals. Maybe you just need to brush up on your writing skills but don’t invest in a class or read a book.

What if there were an inexpensive, convenient, and quick way to receive instruction on exactly what you need to learn? Would you be interested? Then Writing Instruction On Demand may be your answer.

finish-my-book-medallionAll videos are taken from the proven Finish My Book in 90 Days Coaching Program and come with note-taking outlines, practice exercises, and handouts—everything you need to improve the skills you most want to master. (Scroll down to read comments about the course from graduates of Finish My Book in 90 Days.)

These step-by-step instructional guides, selected from the more than 150 videos in the series, are taught by Patricia Charpentier, writing instructor, coach, and editor of more than nineteen years and multi-award winning author of Eating an Elephant: Writing Your Life One Bite at a Time. The videos are designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be as a writer.

Receive help with everything from project development, organizing your material, adding power to your sentences, fashioning scenes, writing dialogue, and more. Although originally recorded with the memoirist in mind, many fiction writers sing the praises of these videos, saying: Good writing is good writing, regardless of the genre.

Video run times vary based on the subject discussed but usually last between fifteen and forty-five minutes.

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Here are video titles currently available for on-demand access:

  • Project Overview – Attack your project like a journalist would and learn the importance of first answering the high-level questions—who, what, when, where, why, and howof your book.
  • Generating Story Ideas – What do you do when you don’t know what to write about? How can you prepare yourself for the next story idea to come to you? What are resources you can turn to when you’re staring at a blank page? Find solutions to all these issues and more in this video.
  • Brainstorming – Brainstorming is a handy tool you want in your writer’s tool belt. In this video, learn several different ways to brainstorm. Plus, receive brainstorming rules to follow so you can effectively use this important writing tool.
  • Write Now, Organize Later – Learn a great way to organize your material and how to break down your larger stories into smaller parts, making a large project feel more manageable, organized, and safe.
  • Specificity – Be amazed at the difference a little specificity makes in your writing. What is specificity, you ask?This video tells you all about it and how this one simple tool helps you write like a pro.
  • Sensory Detail – You know what your five senses are, but how can you use them to amplify your text? This video discusses what sensual writing is and how it can transform your descriptive writing.
  • Verbs Are Our Friends – Let’s talk all things verbs. How do you pick the best verb for the job? What are qualifiers? Why is using strong verbs so important? How can we make sure our verbs show action? This video helps you make friends with the part of speech that can take your writing from functional to fabulous.
  • Moments to Memoir – Our lives are made up of moments, and yet, we often take too big of a bite when we write our stories. Utilize tools in this video and determine if your story is the right size for the moment you wish to capture.
  • Writing About People – People are vehicles through which we live our stories, and we must bring them to life if we want our stories to be compelling. Once you settle on who your characters are, how do you decide the amount of detail about them to include in your story?Find out how to bring the people of your stories to life on the page.
  • Let the People Speak – The people in your memories and stories have voices, but how do you allow them to speak through your writing? Learn what dialogue actually is and is not and overcome the fear and resistance to writing it.
  • Writing Good Dialogue – You know what dialogue is; now let’s learn how it can improve our stories. Discover how to write good dialogue. Hint: It’s easier than you think. Absorb these important tips, feel more comfortable writing dialogue, and improve the quality of the dialogue you write.
  • Make a Scene – What are scenes and why are they important to my writing? Learn how to create scenes and then string them together to make stories. This video is chock-full of information, tips, and examples that will make your scenes sing.
  • Showing Emotion – How do you show rather than tell your reader what your characters feel? Learn to identify signs that indicate whether you’re showing or telling Use your characters’ behaviors, sensory details, and internal dialogue to capture emotional moments while avoiding some common pitfalls.
  • Simile and Metaphor – What is the goal of figurative writing and how does it differ from literal language? What are the characteristics of effective similes and metaphors? Learn all about similes and metaphors and how best to use them in your stories.
  • Writing Titles – Because titles require so few words, they can feel overwhelming to write. Resist the temptation to just slap a title onto your story and learn the nuts and bolts of writing titles, including the process, tips, subtitles, and punctuation.
  • Fifteen Ways to Generate Titles – Knowing how important titles are to the success of your stories is a good start, but knowing how to write great ones is mandatory. Here are fifteen specific ways to generate titles that do justice to your stories.
  • Story Openings – You want to make an impact on your reader from the first line, right? Of course! But, how? What do story openings need to accomplish? What do you want to avoid in starting your story? This video answers those questions, provides examples of effective story openings, and much more.
  • Story Endings – Don’t you just write until you’ve told the story you want to tell and then stop?Well, the answer is yes…and no. This video discusses what a story ending should do and reviews some of the many types of story ending options available.
  • Story Structure – Many people want to know how to organize and structure their stories, but it may not be the right time to superimpose structure onto your text. Find out why and consider how you might want to create story structure when the time is right.
  • Reading Like a Writer – What are the different purposes of reading? What is reading like a writer? What is close reading and how can you practice it? Fair warning…this video has been accused of ruining people’s mindless reading.

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More than 150 writing videos are available, so if you want something you don’t see here, email patricia@writingyourlife.org and ask. She may have exactly what you need.

Read what others had to say about the content and inspiration received from Patricia’s instructional videos.

Patricia Charpentier’s Finish My Book in 90 Days program ignited a spark in me that is now ready to take flame. Before this program, I hid behind my fears about putting life memories into writing. With Patricia’s guidance and instructional videos, my confidence grew, and I took each step forward with faith and trust that my book was coming together piece by piece.                  Cheryl Floyd

Patricia Charpentier’s Finish My Book in 90 Days videos not only teaches you how to write your story, but it’s also geared toward stirring up the gray matter and bringing all those long-forgotten memories to the fore. My current project became much more complete just by taking Patricia’s online course. I recommend it for anybody wanting to write a memoir.
Carol Jones

After composing a few chapters [of my memoir], I gave up–until Patricia presented her Finish My Book in 90 Days program, organized into modules that carried me through my entire rough draft in 90 days. It was a miracle! It still is as I continue to recheck the modules while writing my second draft. It’s amazing what I’m accomplishing. I couldn’t ask for more.
Terry Neuman