Week Five Writing Assignment

You have three assignments for this week.

Assignment One:

As you read the pages for the next week, keep a list of how he describes Gootie. Fold the sheet of paper in your book.

I’d like for you to categorize the characteristics, group them together based on the type. The number and names of the various categories do not matter. Make them useful to you. Some possible categories might be: physical/appearance, actions/gestures, religion/spirituality, profession/interests, speech, disposition, background info, life goals/values/beliefs, etc.

Also, don’t make this process too complicated. On your list, put the name or abbreviation of a category next to each characteristic. Some descriptions may fit into more than one category. That’s fine. Either put it in two categories or determine where it fits best. It’s up to you. The goal of this ongoing exercise is to make you aware of how authors characterize people throughout an extended work.


Assignment Two:

Last week your focused on emotions. You wrote a scene to try and capture an emotion through the behavior of your main characters. You used active verbs and specific details to show, rather than tell, the emotion you are trying to describe.

Now, you are going to pay attention to any minor characters Apple describes in this last section of the book. Think about how he chooses to describe them and their purpose in the story. Why do you think he chose to include them?


Assignment Three:

Write a scene/snippet/story that includes a minor character and features him/her in some way.

Follow these steps:

1. Make a list of this person’s characteristics and details about him/her.

2. Choose two or three details you can use to describe this person.

3. Figure out what purpose this person serves in your story.

Please share your scene/snippet/story on the assignments tab and tell us why you included him/her and what purpose that character served.

Be sure to read your fellow class members assignments and comment. Let them know they’ve been heard.

Happy writing!

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