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Yes, Patricia! I want to Finish My Book in 90 Days and transform my wonderful experience and knowledge into stories people will enjoy reading. I want you to walk me through the process of writing a first draft and help me make it happen. Give me all the services, proven tools, and resources in the Finish My Book in 90 Days coaching program valued at more than $2,000. Here’s what you receive:

  • 12 modules of video training to walk you step-by-step through the process of writing your memoir, life-based self-help book, family history story, and so forth
  • worksheets, handouts, outlines, and other written materials to complement the training modules
  • on-demand access to training modules to review at your leisure for one full year

The value of this program exceeds $5,000, but when you sign up now, you pay only one-twelfth of that amount and receive the complete package for just $397. Claim your spot in the See It Through! Finish My Book in 90 Days coaching program!

Sign up today and receive immediate access to more than eighty videos, note-taking outlines, handouts and worksheets, writing assignments, and more. Topics of the twenty-eight hours of video range from how to organize your material; deal with your internal critic; create good writing habits; write powerful description, dialogue, and scenes; characterize those who people your stories; brush up on punctuation and grammar; hook your reader with dynamic titles and story opens; and so much more.

Sign up for Finish My Book in 90 Days today and pay only $397, that’s
less than one-third the value of this program.

images100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that this program will help you write your story that I offer a complete money-back guarantee. Go through the first three training modules of the program, do the assignments, and if you’re not convinced that this program will enable you to write your story, then simply let me know, and I’ll refund all your money. That’s how confident I am that this program will help you accomplish your writing goals.

How can I be so confident? Because I’ve helped hundreds of people write successfully start and finish their stories. Read what some See It Through! Finish My Book in 90 Days program participants had to say about their experiences:

I’ve been writing for years, and when I decided to start a memoir, I thought it be like riding a bike–once you learn how to put words together, you never forget.  Boy was I wrong.  A memoir is a whole different animal, and very soon after I began, I got mixed up between what I wanted to say and how to say it.After composing a few chapters, I gave up–until Patricia presented her program, organized into modules that carried me through my entire rough draft in 90 days.   It was a miracle!  It still is as I continue to recheck the modules while writing my second draft.   I know I’ll  complete my manuscript and have bounded copies for my family and future generations.  It’s amazing what I’m accomplishing.  My memoir will be dramatic and funny,  polished and professional.  I couldn’t ask for more.    – Terry Neuman

Patricia Charpentier’s See it Through, Finish My Book in 90 days program ignited a spark in me that is now ready to take flame. Before this 90-day program, I hid behind my fears about putting life memories into writing. With Patricia’s guidance and weekly instruction modules, my confidence grew, and I took each step forward with faith and trust that my book was coming together piece by piece.        – 
Cheryl Floyd
Patricia Charpentier’s See It Through! Finish My Book in 90 Days workshop not only teaches you how to write your story, it’s also geared toward stirring up the gray matter and bringing all those long forgotten memories to the fore. My current project became much more complete just by taking Patricia’s online course. I recommend it for anybody wanting to write a memoir.        Carol Jones

I got much more written by being part of this program and I learned how to write better.    – Laura Chase

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